My High School

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When I began high school I couldn't wait for the four years to be over so I would not ever have to set foot in classroom again. The idea of finishing thirteen years of school was all I could think of. I knew my parents expected me to finish strong. I knew I would and do my best to finish strong enough to keep them off my back. The plan seemed simple enough. But, my sixteenth birthday came during my sophomore year, that is the year everything that I thought I knew changed. My parents let me know that I needed to earn my own spending money and found me a job. This was the day that I made a serious change. Of what I thought my future should be.
My freshmen year of high school I did not expect much to change from middle school, just more work along with unwanted stress of moving on to high school. I had to the wrong attitude going into my classes. I felt as if the teachers were all against me and they all wanted me to fail or just torture me. The daily frustration of having to go to school everyday seemed to be unbearable. I tried to fake being sick or to tired to go to school on a daily basis. All that got me through the seemingly endless days was the thought of never having to step foot on a school campus again.
All I could focus on was that I was nearing that bright light at the end of the tunnel. I understand that people may not understand how I got so burned out so quickly when it came to school. What I believe burned me out so quickly was the pressure. I love my parents
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