My High School Science Projects

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Machines are on a fast paced evolutionary track that renders them indispensable to the progress of mankind. One such machine that has made great strides in the last century is the automobile. Mobility has always been my area of fascination; the working of a simple bicycle to the advanced Formula One car has always made me curious. During my high school studies I was a student of science and mathematics, both these subjects helped me in unraveling the mysteries of nature by better understanding principles that govern its working. I have participated in several school and inter school science projects, one such project that left lasting impression was that of a study on gear mechanism used in various tools, fascinated by the same I was on self-propelled path of discovery. I am driven by asking the questions: why? and how? and this curiosity developed into a passion for machines as a whole and led me to do an undergraduate program in Mechanical Engineering from PVG’S College of Engineering and Technology under the prestigious University of Pune, a leading academic institution in the automotive hub of India, Pune. The four year course exposed me to many fascinating subjects, my interest evolved as I explored subjects like Manufacturing Process, Theory of Machines, Metallurgy, Fluid Mechanics, Machine Design, Power Transmission System, IC engines etc. I have tried to be in tune with the latest Mechanical technologies by attending courses offered by automotive industry itself,
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