My High School Spring Fling

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The ritual that I have chosen to write about is my old High School Spring Fling. Music, food, dancing, and punch sounds like a night of fun. that what you call university high school spring fling. It’s a spring party that happens in late April. Students and teachers have a half of day that ends at 12 pm. We all go off to the gym for the remaining of the day to have fun. this day party is hosted by the upcoming senior class in hopes to help raise money for the current senior class. They throw this party so that the money that is raised helps pay for any last minute things for the current senior class. All the staff and students but attend and they must wear the school colors as well. The upcoming senior class always sell snacks and drinks…show more content…
The goal is for individuals to feel apart and feel like one or as the school as one. The school wanted to make sure that they have this spring fling in a safe environment. He also speaks about rituals and values and I think it relates to the spring fling. I think it relates because we wear the school colors to promote pride and to show that we value the school that we attend. Everyone is in attendance so that’s how we know who is valued and respected in both regards to the student and the staff. Which is what Collins was saying in his essay “the group must assemble” which is what we do when the spring fling is held every year. This event shows that we are a unity and that we are equal in our own Phoenix community. You have grades mixing with other grade, teachers mixing with other teachers and it’s the maybe only time you see the principle or leader of the school relaxed and enjoying himself. This spring fling is the tradition.
A spring fling is an event that all four years of my high school I really enjoyed. It was something that most individuals and even myself really looked forward to everywhere. I looked forward to meeting new students, teachers and just being able to feel the unity. It felt as If we were one big tight family. Studies may show that the average kid spends most of their time at school. Which I see to be very true because school is where I spent 8 hours of my day. In that school, I felt the solidarity that Collins speak about in his
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