My Historical Examples Were Thoughtful, And Correct

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Your historical examples were thoughtful, and correct. I like your use of the French-German example of the Maginot line. Not only was this an excellent example of poor foresight on behalf of the French, but also introduced the concept of maneuver warfare. The French planned and prepared extensively, but for the last war, WWI, where the Germans did come through that area. Unfortunately, we are guilty of some of the same shortsightedness in our preparation for future conflicts. For example, we did not anticipate the widespread use of improvised explosive devices in Iraq, and went in without adequately protected vehicles. Likewise, our grasp of hybrid threats are only now coming online, years after their adopted and successful use.

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Everything you say is correct, but I would add the element of having a sufficiently large pool of available citizens to draw upon, in order to effectively recruit, assess, and train soldiers to such high standards. As many of us know, the average physical fitness of our civilian population is in a poor state. Any Internet search on the subject will shed light on this troubling trend. According to Lori M. Hunter “From 1959 to 2008, the percentage of men who were ineligible for enlistment because of their weight doubled.” (Hunter, 2013) Furthermore, “The U.S. Department of Defense must recruit nearly 190,000 new military personnel every year to replace those retiring or leaving military service for other reasons. Nearly one-quarter of all applicants to the military are medically disqualified because of excessive weight and body fat.” (Hunter, 2013)
Add the above trend to the fact that the propensity of the
American civilian to serve in the military is declining, and we are quickly approaching, or already in, a time when standards will have to be lowered to ensure an adequate quantity of servicemen. (Woodruff, et. al; 2006) As the conventional military goes, so does its
Special Operations brethren. We can only do so much with what we have. We will have to either accept
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