My History At Sierra Vista High School

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My History Observations at Sierra Vista High School To begin, over the course of this semester, I had the opportunity to conduct my history classroom observations at Sierra Vista High. This high school is a public school located in Baldwin Park and is part of the Baldwin Park Unified School District. Sierra Vista High School has a student population of 1,895 students. The student population consists of 90 percent Hispanic, 6 percent Asian, 3 percent Filipino, and 1 percent white. These demographics were shared by the vice principal of the high school. While I was at Sierra Vista High School, I was given the chance to analyze and observe three history teachers. Thus, in this paper I will discuss and share my experiences observing the…show more content…
I teach history because I want students to fully understand the perspectives of other groups of people who have been silenced and marginalized.” I was able to observe her 10th-grade world history class. My second participant was Mrs. P. Mrs. P has taught Native Spanish, US History, and currently AP Government and World History for nineteen years and began teaching in 1998. As an undergrad, Mrs. P attended UC Riverside and was a biology major. She became interested in history and teaching once she took various classes as part of her general education. Thus, she switched her major from Biology to History. Mrs. P earned her teaching credentials and Master’s degree also from Claremont Graduate University. I was also able to observe her 10th-grade World History class. Finally, my third participant was Mr. C. Mr. C began teaching in 1987 and has 28 years of teaching experience. Mr. C earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in History from Cal State LA. He also received his teaching credentials from Cal State LA in 1978. He became interested in teaching history because he loved the subject. He tried various other professions, such as working as an editor for the Los Angeles Times, but did not enjoy them. As a result, he switched to teaching history. Mr. C has taught Economics, World History, Government, and AP US History. Recently, I was able to observe Mr. C’s 11th grade AP US History class. The Classroom As I began my
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