My History Not Yours

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“Victims of American Westward Expansion…Accommodation or Resistance?” When viewing a map of the country of Mexico prior to the American westward expansion, it was actually larger than the United States had been at that time. Some lands that Mexico lost in the Mexican - American war under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, are Texas (the second largest state in the present US), California (the third largest state in the present US) and New Mexico (the fifth largest state in the present US). Due to this defeat Mexico lost half of its national territory. Half of Mexico’s lands were gone and half of Mexico’s people displaced making them Americans and no longer Mexicanos. This occurred without their approval or consent. In the book “My…show more content…
By doing this she is clearly stating that she is not willing to except the traditions of the Americans because her people had their own. She also used writing to help preserve the folklore of the New Mexican people for she did not want their culture and ways of life to be forgotten. Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo was an influential man from California who unlike Vigil y Alarid, was in support of Americans coming to California. He thought that it would be strong, positive and economically smart to develop unoccupied lands. But what he did not realize was that the Americans were not interested in adapting to the culture of Mexicans. They wanted the Mexicans to adapt to the Anglo ways of life. On June 14, 1846 a group of 35 or so American men led by John C. Fremont invaded Sonoma expecting to go to war with the Mexicans but found nothing but a sleeping town (Padilla, 53). Vallejo writes “Doubtless God had decreed that June 1846 was to be the blackest month of my life” (Padilla, 53). The Americans that Vallejo had befriended had turned against him: “…who seems to have struck a bargain with the devil: he had been friendly toward the same American immigrants who were now about to seize him as a prisoner of war” (Padilla, 54). The irony was there was no war in Sonoma at the “Bear Flag Revolt” but because of this
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