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My Hobby of Fishing

One of my favorite hobbies is fishing. Some people regard this as a boring or an old man's sport, but I value it much more than that. If you have never experienced it, I think you are really missing something, and so you can't truly give your honest opinion on the sport. Humans have been captivated with the sea, and catching fish since the beginning of their existence, and the sport has, in many ways evolved hugely, and yet in many aspects has stayed exactly the same. The sport is unique compared to others, and I find it can be anything from a relaxing, to a very intense experience, and every time is different.

I was introduced to fishing by my father when I was only 4
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This is one of my most memorable experiences because we were just hauling fish after fish into the boat when we hit a shoal of mackerel off a ship wreck. After almost filling a whole bin bag with fish, we called it a day, just as a pod of dolphin appeared. My auntie, who lives in Cornwall, was probably eating fish for weeks after we brought back that many.

Every year now, I go fishing down in Cornwall either in my uncle's boat, or just off the shoreline. To my mind, each and every time I go fishing is unique just for the experience and no incident is ever forgotten. The range of things I have caught, in what I think of as not the most exotic of places, also quite surprises me; I have caught everything from dogfish to cuttlefish, conger eels to sea gulls - but that's another story, and of course, every anglers worst nightmare, (apart from a hole in the boat and sinking), catching the bottom (the sea bed) or the rocks because you lose most of your tackle. Out of all of these things, the most memorable catch to me would be the 5lb bass I caught this last summer. Bass is one of the most expensive fish, at 5 pounds to the pound and it was quite pleasing to catch your own, then to roast it on the barbeque that evening. Fishing has proven to be Britain's number one sport - with
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