My Home Country Saudi Arabia

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Last summer, I was moving out of D.C. to my home country Saudi Arabia. Since selling furniture is cheaper than keeping it in storage, I decided that I was going to leave my apartment and sell everything that I had, for the reason that I did not know if I was coming back to the U.S again or not. I was not expecting that selling furniture is just a headache. People were not willing to pay, they just wanted to use you because they know that you need to move out soon and get rid of your furniture. The process of me selling my furniture did generate a lot of emotions, especially anger and disappointment. Emotions can affect the negotiations either in a positive or a negative way. Frustration, dissatisfaction and disappointment all of these emotions and others are considered negative emotions that can affect the negotiation process in a negative way. They can generate anger which will escalate the level of negotiation into a personal problem (Lewicki, Barry and Saunders, 2010). Even though those negotiations did generate those feelings in me, I do not think they did affect me as a negotiator. Honestly, I think I did a great job on hiding my emotions in this negotiation. I did not want my anger to control me or my reactions. First, I had to put some ads on the internet on several websites. I did not receive any serious offers from them. Then, my building management suggested that I should put an ad in our building which I did. This was where the headache started. People…
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