My Home Country Saudi Arabia

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Last summer, I was moving out of D.C. to my home country Saudi Arabia. Since selling furniture is cheaper than keeping it in storage, I decided that I was going to leave my apartment and sell everything that I had, for the reason that I did not know if I was coming back to the U.S again or not. I was not expecting that selling furniture is just a headache. People were not willing to pay, they just wanted to use you because they know that you need to move out soon and get rid of your furniture. The process of me selling my furniture did generate a lot of emotions, especially anger and disappointment. Emotions can affect the negotiations either in a positive or a negative way. Frustration, dissatisfaction and disappointment all of…show more content…
I agreed on selling both the bookshelf and the sofa bed for $450 when my initial offer was $400 for the sofa bed and $150 for the bookshelf. I decided that since he was buying both I would lower my price and give him the price he asked for. Especially that at that time all what I was thinking of that a burden was getting off my shoulders, meaning that I would have less furniture to worry about. Anyway when the next day came, he started to negotiate with me again with a ridiculous price this time. He told me that he can only afford the couch for $200. Honestly, I was so mad and insulted that I did not respond to him. I had other offers on the sofa bed so I knew that I would not have a problem selling it. In Fisher’s book, he talks about how having a bottom line will affect the negotiation negatively in terms of that it will limit my imagination of thinking of another options (Fisher, Urn & Patton, 2011). While I do agree with him on this point, in my situation I believe that having a bottom line helped me not to surrender and accept an offer that is below my bottomline. At the same time did not stop me from thinking of other options. I reconsidered my bottom line when I received a reasonable offer like the case with the guy who wanted to buy the sofa and the bookshelf. I did accept his original offer even though it was lower than my bottom line, but it was a reasonable one to me. The other offer that I managed to sell the sofa with was from a young lady
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