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My Hometown I grew up in Warrenton, Virginia, my whole life. It’s a small suburban town in Fauquier County that has route 29 run straight through it, which makes Warrenton the perfect gas station stop for road trippers. Warrenton is rich in history, our main street is home to the Mosby House, a confederate military leader’s home, and the old jail, which closed down and was turned into a museum. Our main street closes down at 5 pm regularly, and completely shuts down on the first Friday of every month, so that venders and community members can enjoy the evening. Just like most old towns we have a post office, public library, and large courthouse, but in Warrenton we use the courthouse steps for many things, choirs will hold performances on the steps, during holiday parades it is encouraged that people use the steps as a viewing spot, and we even hold an annual lighting of the Christmas tree on these steps. There is a ton of history and tradition that fills the streets of Warrenton. Who Lives Here Warrenton has a population of 9,897 as of 2015 (QuickFacts Warrenton 2015). In 2015 its population was made up of 78.1% white, 13.6% black, 7.4% Hispanic, and 2.3% Asian (QuickFacts Warrenton 2015). Compared to the U.S. in 2015, which was made up of 77.1% white, 13.3% black, and 17.6% Hispanic, and 5.6% Asian (QuickFacts United States 2015). Warrenton’s median household income was $73,062 in 2014 (QuickFacts Warrenton 2015), which is higher than the national median household
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