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Hello sir !

Could you check this "essay" or something i call like that for me please? ..

I wanted to join a exam but i can't find out a person who can check this and i don't do it well. I don't know it is true or false when joining a game with some helps from others, but i think if i join a exam on net, that means people,who makes the game, accepted all your actions to finish your game. So i decide to ask you. I don't know whether it is ok or not too, can you tell me if it is so stupic? Thank you sir very much.

The Requestion of the exam is writing a essay. It says why you want to join in a university? the major you chose ? The reason you think you can get the assistance from the program?

And this it my essay. It is so ashame when i
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My grandfather then my uncle died, my cousin has been seriously ill and the life burden was put on my mother's skinny shoulder, my family had unhealed conflict. All of them were because of disease or some people's unresenful actions. They make me wonder that is it what i am finding really important ? It also let me know that what my naive think! What i presumed to be ephemeral in fact are very necessary , though not for me but for people around me. If i was richer, many things might be diffirent, or at least i could change something in my life, didn't have to see my darlings passed away inefficiently. I understand that i can't live for others before live for just my darlings ! It is not true to have ardour and knowledge means you can do all things you want, but you must have a lot of money to make the life around you beter. and entering a university for me now is not for a future to help poors but also to earn money to bring a happier life to my darlings, because in my country there isn't any way to get rich not need degrees.

By that thinking methol, i tried to learn with the reason to earn money to help my darlings then help poor people around me. Sometimes i am also afraid of perspective about the future i will not have thought "losing $1 doesn't make me poorer" and remain only the thought "having more $1 means i am richer $1"...but i also know that i don't live among saints, i am living among instincts of people. A person can't live by a nice dream like
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