My Hometown of Sacramento Essay

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Sacramento is not where I originated from, but it indeed is the city I call home. I grew up in Sacramento ever since I was a baby. After being raised in a dangerous part of Sacramento, I assumed that the rest of the world was unsafe as well. I genuinely believed that living in danger must be the norm everyone else. I did not realize until I was a teenager that the rest of world was not exactly like this. There were actually parts of Sacramento that have nicely groomed, green lawns and children in elementary school who can safely play outside. When I was an adolescent, I honestly believed that Sacramento was the worst place you can live in.
My parents moved to the southern portion of Sacramento when I was just one-year old. Living here was uneventful yet frightening at the same time. Looking back at old photographs, we lived in a grey-blue duplex with barred windows and tattered, wooden fences. I often saw people walking to commute on bus. Many parents walked their children to the nearby elementary school. Sometimes, men would blast loud, obnoxious music as they walked down the sidewalk with their portable stereo and cars, which turned their bass to the highest notch, would blast their music loud enough to set off car alarms. Sirens woke numerous people in the neighborhood throughout most nights, and seeing red and blue lights flashing through the blinds of the bedroom window was not unusual. The smell of tobacco and dead, decomposing animals lingered in the air. Streets…

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