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Holiday Assignment On English Language S S 2.

Week 1.

Get an exercise book which will serve as your diary, write your daily activities and events that happened around the world during this holiday.

1 .Narrate an experience you have had or heard about which illustrates the saying: “You reap what you sow”.

2. Get a newspaper of your choice, summarize the editorial and criticize the editor’s view. Photocopy the editorial and attach it to your work

3. Using a dictionary, transcribe the words in exercise 4, page 20 of your Oral English textbook: Oral English For Secondary Schools by Nwaka Jones.

4. List 20 terms associated with Communication

5. Explain Noun Clause. Give five examples with their grammatical functions

Week 2.

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1. Imagine that you witnessed the bomb blast on the New Year eve at Abacha Barrack Abuja. Draw a mental picture of what you imagined happened. Write a description of a disaster. Write three paragraphs about what happened and what you saw. (200 words).

2. Read another novel of your choice and write the difficult words. Use your dictionary to find the meaning of the words. Novel to be submitted alongside the findings.

3. Using your Oral English text book study the sound /Λ/in chapter 4 and do the exercise on page 20.

4. Diary writing- Make entry of all your activities daily with dates.



1. Write a letter to tell your friend about your first months at Junior Secondary school. You can use the hints below.


a. Your first impression about the school

b. The teachers and staff

c. Your favourite subjects

d. New friends that you have made

e. How well you are doing

Don’t forget to include:

a. Your address

b. The date

c. A greetings and polite questions about your friend’s family

d. A salutation (best wishes, love, etc.) and your name

2. Read any drama booklet list the characters and describe each character highlighting the roles each played in the development of the drama. Don’t forget to write the name of the book and the author’s name. Drama booklet to be submitted with the note.

3. Using your Oral

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