My Horrible Dream

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Leaning on the hard wood, he was panting, out of breath. Winding up in a 19th century hotel hallway wasn’t exactly his plan.
“A door? Really? In the middle of the freaking purgatory?!”
He had just escaped that God forsaken place with monsters just waiting to thrust their fangs into his flesh or slam an axe somewhere between that noggin of his and the rest of his adorable persona for the second time.
Realizing he had just fled the purgatory to enter the twilight zone, Dean bettered his grip on the demon knife and decided to sniff around the hallway. After a few turns he was back in front of the door he had slammed just a few moments ago, the one with the rose engraving on it. With a highly suspicious face he went for a random doorknob.
Doing that, he walked straight into Bobby’s basement bunker, where Sam was twisting in pain. A second was enough for him to grab Sam and try to hold him down, so that he wouldn’t scathe himself.
“Sam, stop it! Look, listen, I’m here, look at me!”
Sam remained unresponsive. Dean now remembered the scene he was reliving. Bobby’s bunker, Sam beyond anyone’s control, screaming in terror – that’s exactly what happened at the time Sam was high on demon’s blood. However, no matter what he did, it was as if he wasn’t even there.
Dean became suspicious of whether the man in front of him was Sam at all, in any sense. It seemed as though each room contained a different scene from his life, and each time he opened a door…

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