My Hostile and Aggessive Relationship

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The last relationship I was involved in was incredibly hostile and aggressive. I’m going to analyze a behavioral episode my ex boyfriend had while we were together. The incident occurred in October while he was home on leave from the military. On this particular day I could see that something was off because he was acting anxious and moody. We were sitting in my room watching television when he brought up the fact that he thought I cheated on him while he was gone. He told me he went through my texts and saw messages that led him to this conclusion. In reality, this was invalid because I never cheated on him or talked to another man for that matter. I defended myself and he became increasingly angry. He began yelling at me, calling me names, and repeatedly saying I was a liar. Eventually he stood up and punched my ceiling, which caused me to feel afraid for my safety. I tried to leave the room, but he pushed me back and wouldn’t let me out. The outburst became physical when he got on top of my and began choking me. While the episode was occurring he was talking about his friend that died on deployment. When he punched my ceiling he cut his hand open, which caused it to bleed a lot. During the physical part of the episode he kept telling me that he needed to stop the bleeding. He was pressing on me and telling me I was going to bleed out, which leads me to believe that he was having a flashback to deployment. After deployment he seemed to be dealing with the things he
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