My House and Memories

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Suddenly! The tall iron gate stood in front of me. Behind it, the garden was a picture of total desolation. And nestled in it, was the house. My house. I recognized it. However, I still had doubts about this impulsive identification. If this house were mine, how could it possibly have fallen into this terrible state of neglect? Did my absence last longer than I thought? Or, by some cosmic anomaly, was time more destructive to those particular grounds? I decided to enter, but as I hesitated to touch the terribly corroded knob, I heard a young voice. It rang in the tranquil silence of the morning with such sweet freshness that I automatically glanced at the bell. Then I turned around and saw a girl who was peering at me with curiosity. Her skin was tanned, and her features had the rustic beauty of a country girl. Her short dark hair was thick, and formed on the right side of a ‘drunken’ part, one wave waiting for the last push of the wind to crash on her forehead. She was very thin and neatly dressed in a short blue skirt and a white blouse, both made of a light fabric. She wore a pair of sandals and a ‘thirty-two carats’ smile. “Bonjour,” she said. I returned her greeting with a marked coldness. She did not mind it. She kept smiling at me. “You look tired,” she said. I felt sweaty, and out of breath. I ran my fingers through my hair to look more presentable. “I have run a long time without stopping,” I explained. “You look nice,” she said with a smile. “I like you.” I
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