My Humanities Art Experience at Columbus, GA Museum

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My Humanities Art Experience took place at the Columbus, GA Museum, located on Wynnton Road. I really enjoyed my experience at the museum. It was my first time visiting an American museum. I saw many pieces of fine art, some of which I will list below. The first piece of art work that I saw was the work of Frederick William MacMonnies (1863-1937) I felt it captured my attention as I first walked into the room. The unique sculpture “DIANA” really impressed me by depicting a Roman Goddess poised with her bow raised high and ready for the hunt. It was also interesting because the women of that time period were not known as hunters, they were known for being mothers and wives. The piece of art work was medium in sitting on top of a pedestal as you walked into the main exhibit room. There was lots of background information on the poster written below this artwork. It told a story of how MacMonnies and his contemporaries got their inspiration in ancient Greek and Roman culture, and it also took some of the Italian Renaissance into account when making the piece. MacMonnies captivating exhibit at the Museum is a must see item, especially for the female visitor. Being a person that loves art, I felt that this sculpture gave me a sense of pride seeing that women can go on the hunt just as the men, some even better. This sculpture also shows the beauty of the female body in the nude. If you compare this to modern art it can be seen as depicting the same styles,
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