My Husband Is From The Western Park Of Africa

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My husband is from the western park of Africa in a country called Nigeria. Nigerians are known to like a lot of green leaved soups. Egusi soup with pounded yam is the name of the meal. It is quite heavy and satisfying. I love to cook different foreign meals for my husband but egusi with pounded yam is my favorite one. Egusi is a very sensitive meal so it must be cooked well Cooking is not just adding a bunch of ingredients into a put; it’s a skill that takes time and experience. You will need a just a handful of ingredients to make this delicious meal. The choice of meat is always number one. I prefer goat meat cut into medium sized pieces. Since it’s just my husband and I right now, I usually use about 20 pieces of meat. The size of each piece of meat is about half the size of a fist. For variety, I usually add about six pieces of tilapia, to the cut goat meat. When I have all my pieces of meat and fish cut to the right size, I wash them separately but thoroughly with water and about a table spoon of vinegar. This helps to remove the dirt or any slime on the goat meat. After that is done, I cover it neatly and place it aside on my counter. I then proceed to my vegetables. This is usually based on one’s choice so all I use is spinach, onions, garlic and red hot pepper. All these ingredients are fresh except for the spinach which I usually buy frozen and already chopped up to save time. I then proceed to peeling all the vegetables I have and wash them thoroughly with warm

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