My I Wish You 'd Die

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“I wish you’d die”

I whispered on the night of July 22, 2013. I laid in bed thinking about my, unfortunately, biological father. I was comparing him to my step-dad. Did I think he could of ever been as close of a father like my step-dad? A few days ago he had promised to pick me up earlier that evening so that we could spend a whole day together the following day, but he never showed up. Many times this had happened and I couldn’t stand it no longer.

I looked at the clock and it ticked slowly, it seemed to be more tired than I was. A second seemed like a minute, a minute seemed like an hour, the night seemed like an eternity. I anxiously waited for sleep to engulf me. Hours later when the night sky was no longer black, like the ocean
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“Remember when I left to my room last night when Gabriel didn’t show up so that we could spend all day together today? Well, when I left to my room I just fell asleep right away” I lied.

“Oh. I 'm sorry he didn’t show up honey” then she went on telling me how he was irrelevant in my life, despite him being my biological father.

A few minutes later as I enjoyed a delicious cup of chocolate the house phone rang. I has offered to pick it up but my grandmother was already on her way. I sat in the kitchen sipping on my cup looking out the window. The sky had grown gray and I felt the hairs on my back stand up. My grandmother returned to the kitchen with eyes of sadness that stared at me as she stood under the arch. She tried to say something but no words were produced.

“Is something wrong I said asked?” I had said as got up from my seat and made my way to the entrance of the kitchen.

“Your mother is on the phone. She, she wants to talk to you” We made our way to the living room where the phone was kept. I reached the phone and slowly placed it next to my ear.

“Hello?” I spoke with fear.

“Christian” She had replied softly.

“Is something wrong?” I asked as scenarios of what was possibly wrong with her took over my head.

“Christian,” she sniffed. Had she been crying?

“Mom what’s wrong?” I asked urgently. Did she have cancer? Was she going to die?

“Your father, he
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