My Ideal At The Hospitality Industry

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My Ideal Position in the Hospitality Industry Waitress, event planner, chef, card dealer, these are all professions in the hospitality industry. All of these jobs are service jobs. The goal in the hospitality industry is to serve others. To work in the hospitality industry you must have a hospitality spirit. “The hospitality spirit is a passion to give pleasure to others,” (Walker, 2016). I receive joy by serving others. I feel as though the hospitality industry would be the perfect industry for me to do what I love to do, which is, serve others. My ideal position in the hospitality industry is to become a wedding planner for Walt Disney World. I would delight in making a couple’s ideal wedding become a reality. Disney has perfected customer service and I believe that I would fit in to the Disney idea of putting the customer first. The Walt Disney World Mindset on Guest Relations “We create Happiness,” (Walker, 2016). This is the mission statement Disney has put in place to show their main priority. Disney bases their business on quality, service, and show. They want their guests to feel happy in all circumstances such as on a ride, during a dining experience, or even talking to a street sweeper on Main Street U.S.A.. They base their business on an evolving environment that all ages can enjoy. The expectations Disney has set are high and customers expect quality service. Disney has a reputation of outstanding customer service and an unforgettable vacation environment. I
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