My Ideal Career Path

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All aspects of working with families and young children interest me. I would welcome the chance to aid certain individuals’. I am keen on making the life of others better by giving them the kind of care and support they deserve. As a child I had the aspiration to care for people, hence social care will best fit my career path. I know that I will be successful in my career as I have looked after my mother from the age of twelve. Growing up, I have always helped her with her general health and well-being. When my mother had her hernia removed, I took on board her daily tasks ie looking after my young brothers. I am positive that I can make a change in people’s lives therefore my goal is to work in the social care sector. Looking after my mother has made me realise how much it means to a person to have someone to support them. My motivation in life is, not only to carry on what I am doing for my mother but to also increase my knowledge and help others. Everyone deserves the care and support my mother gets from me. I consider myself to be a sociable and caring person, which is why I feel I have the right mental outlook, character and societal qualities to converse with a variety of people from different ethnic backgrounds and religions. My strengths include working well as part of team which I fully understand is necessary for this kind of job. My organisational skills are of the highest standard. I realize that this attribute is worthwhile as you have to deal with a

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