My Ideal Job And The Professional

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Section 3: My ideal job and the professional, personal and interpersonal capabilities I require to do this ideal job. In addition, given the rate of change in the business environment, you can expect that your conception of your ideal job and the capabilities required to do it well, will not be static. Try to identify the trends that might influence the shape of your job over the next 5-10 years. Again, there are resources online to help you work this through - elmik - by considering these challenges or trends you might see additional or enhanced professional, personal and interpersonal capability requirements of you The outcome of this section is a set of critical professional, personal and interpersonal capabilities required to succeed in your ideal job. Tables are good for showing these capabilities – where appropriate do make sure you justify decisions – the assessment is based on this IDEAL JOB To achieve my career goal of becoming a public relations manager I need to be able to evolve with my practice of public relations and be able to keep up with new communication channels that are opening ( (Hall, 2015). Public relations is a field that requires me to keep up with the constant changing technology. Over the past year’s public relations has moved from the traditional media release to more hyper-personalised content to get their message to their target audience (Comcowich,
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