My Ideal Position Within The Hospitality Industry

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My Dream Position
“What do you want to be when you grow up?” That’s easy, I want to be a Disney princess! Of course this was my answer 15 years ago, and like any other 6-year-old girl, being able to sing and dance just like the Little Mermaid would be life changing. Well, considering we had the same name, I was half way there. Even though I’m older and much wiser, my dreams haven’t changed much, but have only become more realistic. Don’t get me wrong. It would still be amazing to become a Disney princess, but my dreams would still be fulfilled, if I worked for the Walt Disney Company. With this said, my ideal position within the hospitality industry would be working in one of the Disney World theme parks as a guest service manager because they are in charge of guests’ satisfaction, create a friendly work environment, and are offered great benefits.
To begin with, families from all over the globe visit Disney World yearly to create memories. One of the duties of being a guest service manager is participating in the hiring process of “cast members”, as Disney refers to their employees. A few key elements looked for in the interviews include: relationship-building skills, communication, and friendliness (Walker, 2013). Cast members are required to have these traits in order for guests to feel welcome and enjoy their time at the parks. It is up to the guest service manager to make sure all cast members are providing a magical experience families will never
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