My Ideal School 's Culture And Environment

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As an individual who has attended various schools and has done student teaching at a few, I have realized that a school’s culture and environment is important for both teacher and student success. My ideal school’s culture and environment begins with a strong belief that everyone who walks into a classroom can learn. Every individual has an opportunity to learn whether it is in the classroom or out of the classroom there are always opportunities to learn and a culture that embraces that and exhibits that can be a beautiful thing for students. An environment that is safe for students to be able to come to and learn is vital, not just talking in terms of the safety and health of our students, but the notion for the students that they are able to voice their thoughts and ideas and are also able to have healthy relationships with other students where they can share those ideas and thoughts and cooperate with others whether similar or different. A culture where it is okay to mistakes is key for me, making mistakes puts certain behaviors and thought processes into immediate perspective and allows us as individuals to learn from them, no one person is perfect no matter how hard we try to be and I would like for the students to know they do not need to be perfect to be successful. I would like a school that is able to bring in other teachers who have a passion for their student’s success and learning, teachers who are knowledgeable but are able to show their humanity when they do
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