Essay on My Ideal Teacher

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My Ideal Teacher

When I think about teachers that I have had in the past, several different ones come to my mind. Each of these educators stands out in my mind for a variety of diverse reasons. Whether it is their sense of humor, their tactfulness, their love of the subject matter, their fanatical and sporadic behavior, or their yearning to be childish themselves, I can still remember at least one quality of every teacher I have ever encountered. Every one of these teachers conveyed subject material to their students just as they were educated and employed to do. However, I trust that every professional in the world has an abundance of opportunity for improvement; teachers could discover and improve themselves merely by having
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I had a teacher in high school that began each class with a funny story or a random fact. We, as students, looked forward to attending to his classes just to know what he had brought for us that day. He was a stern teacher, but everyone appreciated him because he showed an interest in us enjoying his classes.

An additional way that educators can make the class stimulating while maintaining student interest is to include voice fluctuations and floor coverage in their lectures. We have all experienced those teachers who never change their voice or their position on the floor during the course of an hour. These monotone voices and stand still positions are almost hypnotizing; students get sluggish and drop curiosity fast. My ideal teacher would use their voice to expand and carry on the students’ attention for the whole hour.

Using voice to emphasize an important point or even an incident that is being discussed can be very valuable in creating excitement for the students. When a teacher moves about the room, one will notice that the students will focus on the teacher and their eyes will follow. Simply moving their eyes to follow the teacher’s pattern of movements can be effective in keeping the student’s attention. A teacher could even reenact or act out using body actions for various topics. This would make the

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