My Ideal Veterinary University Essay

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The Ideal University

What makes an ideal university? An ideal university is one which is student focused and centered on the needs of individual students. Having lectures and classes, which exceed 35 students', makes it impossible to obtain the best education possible. A university which is dedicated to making sure every student understands and learns at his or her own pace is one which is most effective. My "ideal university" is one which only accepts those students whom are veterinary majors. I have named my "ideal university" Jobs University. Jobs University would be one which will focus strictly on veterinary medicine and will work towards producing successful veterinarians.

Those students who are
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At Jobs University, the maximum number of students in each classroom would be 6. Students would have the choice to attend secondary classes, such as English and Foreign languages or be taught by teachers who would come to their dorm room. There will be no attendance policy for those secondary classes for those who feel like they learn better one on one or by themselves. Although these classes are secondary to math and science, much emphasis would be put on succeeding in these subjects.

The main intention of the teachers at Jobs University would be to focus on the needs of the students and make sure that the student understands and learns the information. These teachers would live in houses on campus and be available to the students anytime between 8am and 10pm, except for the time that they have a class. These teachers would be available to meet in the library or come to the student's dorm room. Not only would the students have the convenience of the teachers being there, but also when they are in the midst of studying, they would be able to have food delivered to their room, so they are not disrupted. Each dorm would have an intercom which goes to the dining service and they can order what they want and they would receive the food within 30 minutes. The entire schooling system at Jobs University would revolve around the students and provide them with the best environment and

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