My Identity And Identity

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As far as identity and experiences go, I can easily follow how their effects mold my values and perception of the world. Many aspects of my education and childhood, for example, correspond pretty directly with general areas of privilege. I am White, able-bodied, and have always lived in relative safety. These are traits that I, and others like me, often take for granted, paying little attention to the societal structures that arbitrate them as advantages. Even among the places where my identity does deviate from dominant culture, many seem trivial within a bigger picture: born while my mother was in college, only one parent with a degree, a young childhood with much less money than I remember having in my later years. These, and many others, of course, had their impacts, but not on a scale that prepares me for bigger issues. In many ways, I have led a privileged life, and truthfully, this has made me apprehensive about whether I actually have any qualification that legitimizes me as an authority over countless students whose stories I can barely even fathom in the abstract. A difficult discrepancy to reconcile exists in our understanding of this dichotomy. There is undeniable ignorance in representing groups of oppression only by their disadvantages, and Adichie (2009) speaks to this from firsthand experience when she warns us of “the danger of a single story.” At the same time, Meehan (2015) bombards us with instances of extreme struggle for students in the throes of

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