My Identity And Identity

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There are many factors that shape us into who we are, and who we will become. Some of these factors we can control, while others we cannot. While we are born into many traits of our identities, much of our other behavior is learned. My identity, for example, is “based not only on responses to the question ‘Who am I?’ but also on responses to the question ‘Who am I in relation to others?’” (Allen, 2011, p. 11). My identity and the question of who I am, are both influenced by many aspects of my life, including my hometown, my family, my friends, and my beliefs and moral values.
On the fifteenth of March, 1999, I was born in Westerville, Ohio to two loving parents - both of whom come from fairly large Italian families, including grandparents
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Everyone wore the same uniforms and had the same beliefs. In my mind, the children and their families were practically the same as me and my family, therefore, everyone else in society was just like us. I did not have to deal with the idea of dominance and privilege, because there was nothing to compare my life to - there was no one who was different or out of the ordinary. “The ease of not being aware of privilege is an aspect of privilege itself, what some call ‘the luxury of obliviousness’” (Johnson, 2006, p. 22). Since the families I grew up with were all “cookie-cutter” families, I did not know that privilege, such as being White, Christian, or financially secure, even existed. The idea of a typical, normal family, however, changed drastically once I embarked upon the next journey of my life, my first experience in a public school - high school. I realized how sheltered I had been once high school began. I transitioned from a school of children just like me, to a richly diverse school where it was anything but consistent, everyone was different - no two people were the same. During this drastic change, I learned how to handle and approach different social challenges by navigating my way through many different cultures and beliefs.
This transition into public school made me very aware of my race, gender, religious beliefs, social

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