My Identity And Representation : I Am An International Student At Arizona State University

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My identity and representation First of all, I am an international student at Arizona State University, so my life in the United State could not live without friends, family support and other outside social groups. Living by myself in other country, I have to face a lot problem in every single day, that is the main reason for me to take a part it and join them. I belong with many social groups, and those groups relate to my life and changed my identity, in each group I represent different role and things. Primarily, I am a part of Chinese group at Arizona state university, just same like me, they are many students came from China too. So we kind of stay together and play together like a family. Specially, we are living by self, and far away from family. If I have any problems or have troubles, then friends are the only hope. By the time, I can have people to share with my feelings, and my friends may give me better solutions to solve the problems. For example, before I came to Arizona state university. I tried looking for apartment around school area, there are many options online for me to pick, but I don’t know which one has best price and best location for freshman student. In addition, I find one of my middle school friend who has already studied in ASU, but I haven’t contact with him for a long time. After I started to text him, asked him some questions about ASU, and he was very happy to help me. Finally, he helped me to find an apartment around school with
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