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My Identity What is my identity? I think my identity at the moment is Mexican, 15 years old, a student, and more. I am still trying to figure out more things of my identity at the moment. For right now these are some of my identity and things that mean a lot to me. As I said before I am mexican. Most of my family was born and raised in Sinaloa, Mexico. They were born in a ranch called “La Quebrada de Los Sandovales”. Last year I got to go there for the first time. It looks really old but the river is so beautiful. I loved how the people there knew each other. Since I was born my mom made me believe in the virgen de guadalupe. She is the mother of Jesus Christ. Mostly every year On December 12 my family and me go to church to celebrate her. They bring music to sing to her. It is always beautiful. On this day we also celebrate my birthday. I am so grateful to be born on this day. As I was saying in the second paragraph, since my parents are mexican they taught me spanish. Being bilingual for me is so important because I get to help others. At school there are times are a lot of times I make new friends just by translating things for them. I am glad I am latina because I know that it will help me in the future some way. There are some things I like doing with others which are movies and sports. I have always liked watching movies. I don’t really mind what kind of movie it is. I like fantasy movies the best or non-fiction because it is mostly of the time it is filled with

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