My Identity Essay

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My identity has been formed over the course of my life, especially throughout my pre-teen years, in 2012, when my parents decided to split, and my mother went off to live with in Bristol. I have become a completely different person from when I was ten years old, because of the people in my life, such as my teachers, my parents, and my friends. I feel as though I have become a more well-rounded person, because of my experiences.  I have become more caring and receptive because of my mother My mother has helped me to understand myself, and to develop my characteristics because we have spent the majority of our lives together. One specific example would be in 2015, during an excursion to The Gower Peninsula in Wales, when, over a bonfire, we conversed about my father, and the subject of my conception came up. My mother told me that I was a mistake, because she was worried that she wouldn’t be an adequate mother, and tried abortion. This impacted me considerably, and it has made me live more in the moment because anything can happen, I didn’t feel like I was a mistake, or a failure or any of those labels, but I did realize that my time is limited, and I have to make the most of it. Another example is that during the initial split, my mother lived 5 minutes away from my house, and I would regularly make unscheduled visits to her apartment, and just talk to her. I comforted my mother, and we would talk for many hours. During that time, I hid my feelings behind my humor and
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