My Identity

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Throughout my life, I’ve struggled with my identity as an individual, and I still continue to question who I really am as a person. Although I can certainly tell people of my opinions and what I believe in, such as being a liberal and an individualist. I can never tell others of what I really am, personally. I do think that my past experiences and family background has affected how I identity as a person, and how I express myself towards others. In the past, and perhaps even now, I have been alone for most of the time and remained closed up within my home, never coming out of my shell, since I had the Internet and I could fulfill my enjoyment there. However, I later realized I still lack the sense of personal contact that I see with my peers and other people, even to this day. My family was also relatively small and without much connections with the people in their families, since they immigrated from the Philippines, so all I had for most of my life was the ones closest to me like my Mom, Dad, Sister, and my Grandparents, so that contributed to me being alone for most of my life. However, there was a key event that allowed me to regain confidence within myself and discover who I was as a person, and its effects continue to influence me to this day. Much of what I believe in is influenced by my personal background and my past experiences throughout my life. My family immigrated into the United States, where they lived in a small apartment, first with our grandparents
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