My Identity In The Gaza Strip

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I am an American Jew born 12 years after the end of WWII. Hebrew school, which I started attending at age 5 until 11, created a sense of difference and specialty between myself and other non-Jews. Arabs, Palestinians and all anti-Semites were the enemy of the Jewish world community and were to be despised. Consequently, 75 percent of my identity was held in place by my membership to the Jewish world community. Consequently, I lived the next twenty years as a Defensive American Zionist Jew. I didn't question Israel for its military actions, for occupying other’s lands, bulldozing houses or refugee camps down, or committing other horrible acts. After all, Israel was only defending itself from terrorist factions that called for the genocide of the Jewish people and whose intent was and still is to wipe Israel off the map.…show more content…
Consequently, after hours of searches and reading articles published from each side on the middle east conflict and its issues two things became undeniable clear to me, one, the Gaza Strip is an occupied territory and two, there really are terrorists in the Gaza Strip who want to exterminate the Jewish population. Nonetheless, Israel, perhaps rightly so given its long history of being attacked and the continued philippic speeches by
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