My Idod Is My Mother

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my idol is my mother In our lives , we came across many people . We see new faces everyday. Many of them remain anonymous , some may be acquitances, some will become our friends but from that , only one person will become our idol. What makes an idol? In the words of Oxford Learner's Dictionary, idol is person or thing that is loved and admired very much. I supposed that everyone of us have their own idol either a pop, singer , Prime Minister , or football players. For me, my mother, or 'mak' as she is affectionately called at home is my idol since I was young. Perhaps, of all the people in their life , a mother holds a special place as their idol, like me! It is she who brings her children into the world, teaches them their first words…show more content…
Mother is very much a workaholic person. You will always find her busy with a broom or a mop in her hand, cooks, sewing the clothes, or she may be busy lending to her small garden and cactus with her green fingers. Furthermore, she is very creative person. She know how to sew beads on the clothes, make vase or basket from old newspapers, glass painting and others until although she is homemakers, she also had been invited to teach secondary school student and other people that want to learn art work from her. During my holiday before entered university, I also helped my mother to teach people until I had being called by them as 'Little teacher'. She also very enthusiastic to learn new thing as now she take part in Arabic classes and reciting al-Quran classes because she know that religion is one of the most important thing as it is part of a Muslim's life. Every Thursday night, that her routine to sit in front of the television watching Forum Perdana Hal Ehwal Islam. She also a woman of fortitude , it is her belief that only the strongest and fittest survive in this world. There is no place in it for moaners and weepers. In spite of this, that's why I chose my mother as my idol. Otherwise, I know that there will come a time when she will have to leave us but, I do hope very much that the time will not come forever. She will be my friend and

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