My Importance Of Academic Interests In High School

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My academic interests throughout the years have really changed and evolved as I have matured as a student. Since I started school, I’ve always had an appreciation for academics and the various subjects that I learned. I would attribute this to the fact that I was able to work with and learn from students, teachers or friends that were passionate about a particular subject, helping me understand a subject’s value even if it did not particularly interest me. By having this exposure during my formative years where I learned to think independently, I came to cherish my own education in addition to realizing the importance and value education can hold for others. As I grew older and began to think for myself, I developed an affinity towards math and science. I would attribute this to the fact that my mind is more analytical than creative, leading me to find interest in areas of study that progress logically and introduce concepts that can be built on top of each other. Once I got to high school, the science classes that I took started to utilize concepts from mathematics and vice versa. I was particularly interested when concepts and ideas stemming from a variety of fields were put together in order to accomplish something practical. I began to seek out articles and videos online to further develop my knowledge of technology and scientific phenomena. At the end of my junior year, I was motivated to seek out and apply for various research opportunities that involved working
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