My Inclination Toward Software Engineering

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With just a push of a button, we enter the world, a utopian ecosystem, and, with the slightest touch, it serves us information from thousands of miles away. We live in a smartphone culture wherein people consume information quite drastically different from anterior cultures, especially in terms of accessibility and quality of life. As a software engineer specializing in mobile application development, I am well aware of this difference. Hence, I wish to change as many lives as possible by designing innovative solutions to real-world problems. In the last three years, I have been fortunate enough to reach more than a hundred thousand people through my mobile applications, and I aspire to continue the same path and broaden my horizons in the…show more content…
I was exhilarated to see people using my app and sharing those photos on Facebook. I later published a Windows Phone version of ZuPix in 2012 for which Microsoft issued me an appreciation certificate. My insatiable appetite for creation only grew stronger with time. I began programming competitively to refine my coding skills, and, as such, I participated in multiple hack-a-thons and code fests during tenure at university. I have realized nothing gives me more pleasure than working on a new project. All my apps are like my children, and the joy I feel when people appreciate them is ineffable. In my four years at college, I did everything I could to become a confident and purposeful person. Because of such experience as volunteering for Techsurge (Tech Fest) during freshman year and helming tech events during my senior year, I grew in personality as well as intellect. Though I joined the college band as an amateur guitarist, I went on to play to a crowd of around 500 people in Mridang (cultural fest)—one of my proudest moments to date, as I am naturally introverted, and I had to fight my inner inhibitions to perform at this level. I was also the editor and co-founder of our college journal, ‘The Testament’, which has transformed into a startup providing temporary staffing services to companies and is growing at a rate of 400% YOY. In my Junior year, I started an
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