My Indian Culture : My Cultural Identity Is Creole

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My cultural identity is Creole. It is combined from many descendants of European, Africans, French, Spanish, and American Indians. The Indian Culture I have chosen is also very diverse. They are combined with a composite mixture of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism religions. Each has resulted into the exclusive – Indian Culture. Every religion in India has its own favorite ingredients, flavorings, and cooking methods. Their use of creamy or dry sauces, spices, and curries on both meats and vegetables creates a different blend of aromas that bring out the full flavor of the ingredients that they use in their dishes. The recipe I chose is Prawn (Shrimp) Bhuna. I wanted to make something that was easy as well as something I know my family would enjoy eating. Since in the Creole culture, we mainly eat seafood, I thought this recipe was fitting to make. In preparing this recipe, I found a grocery store that specializes in Indian Foods – Indo-Pak Super Market. There, I could find all the ingredients that I needed as well as advice from the men and women of this culture. They could advise me on how to properly prepare this dish so that it taste authentic and scrumptious as to make this in a timely manner. After I got all the ingredients and advice that I needed, it was time to cook. Prawn Bhuna is a fiery recipe that has subtle undertones. As stated, prawns are what Americans call shrimp. The term Bhuna refers to the method of bringing out the essential flavors with
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