My Influence Of My Musical Personality

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I have always enjoyed listening to music as it truly gives me peace of mind. Many times, certain songs will bring back both good and bad memories that have helped shape my life as it is today. Even though I am not a talented musician and have never played an instrument, I still enjoy music and respect those who can play it at the highest level. My musical personality is influenced by a variety of factors including my parents, school experiences, social media, and mobile technology. Attending church provided me with my earliest exposure to music. We are of the Catholic faith and my parents were very strict about our family attending mass every Sunday morning. The church I attended as a youth was very fortunate to have talented musicians in the congregation. While I did enjoy the hymns played for the entrance, communion, and especially the exit (this meant mass was over), our musicians sang all the mass parts and song verses. This often caused mass time to go well over the expected hour, which upset me as a child. Today when I attend mass at a church that does not sing all the mass parts or song verses, it feels like something is missing from the service. When I hear church hymns they remind me of attending church with my family and provide me with a sense of spiritual well-being. While riding in vehicles with my parents I was introduced to different music genres at a young age. I considered my mother trendy since she listened to the music stations that played
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