My Influences On My Political Beliefs

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There are many influences on my political beliefs and actions. There are four main areas define who I am politically. Those areas are the Environment, Agents of Political Socialization, Personal Characteristics, Personality and Human Nature. The environment has had some influence on my political beliefs. Of course living in a democratic society I have many democratic views, from the right to vote to the establishment of human rights. I believe very strongly that a democratic government is the best government. With the abundant amount of information the effect on politics is huge. Since I can find out about politics from all over the world, I can make rational decisions about anything political. This influences me dramatically. Compared to…show more content…
The strongest agent is my family. I absorb political beliefs from both the conservative and liberal sides because my family is split. Both of my parents share their opinions on different political events and explain why. They also both voted at every election because they think it is their duty as citizens. This is why I will vote in every election. My family will always have a lasting impression on my political beliefs. My second strongest agent is the media. With the Internet, TV, and newspapers the media is all over. It is hard not to find a place where media doesn’t exist. Media shapes me because I view it every day. I can always find a media source that agrees with my views or expands on my views. The third largest agent is religion. I am a Lutheran and following the Ten Commandments is very important to me. Religion is very influential to me. It shapes my views on many different public policies and issues. The other agents don’t influence me as much as the three that I’ve stated. Personal characteristics play a role in anyone’s political beliefs if they believe it or not. For me being a male, Caucasian, 18-29, family income more than $100,000, and some college education will have me most likely to vote conservatively. These personal characteristics have played a role in my political views. I have many conservative view which matches up with my characteristics. Characteristics have an important
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