My Influences On Personal Identity

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There has been experiences throughout my life that have shaped my life and personally shaped me into the person that I am today. From being exposed to these experiences, I have gained personal values, self-identity and different aspects of my life. These aspects of my identity include my gender, ability-status, social class and language. Having these influences showed me how different I am compared to another person who has the other characteristics like myself.

First, I am a female. By being a female, this has shaped me in ways I would have never thought of before. By being a female, it shows that we need to be dependent on our significant other, or other people. I have learned that if I want something, I have to work for it and not have
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As far as I recall, I have been living and managing my life with this affecting my life. It is truly is laborious when working on assignments throughout my education years. Almost always, I didn’t understand directions from teachers or professors about something and it made me struggle trying to stay on track with the class. If you looked at me, you probably wouldn’t notice that this was a “problem”. But when it comes to tests, homework and such, I can get anxiety and it feels as if a bomb is ticking down and I have to hurry and do my best under a short matter of time. I believed that this is a part of me because I have been learning how to cope with it and not let it define myself. Therefore, I believe people have the wrong impression of disabilities and they are at fault for doing this to themselves and there’s not enough services for everyone. I can admit, I didn’t cause this because everyone’s learning is going to be different for all and I do what I can do when understanding work. And I have to agree, that a lot of services aren’t known or popular for certain populations, it’s because I feel part of the world is uneducated and only wants to favor those to that have money. Overall, being learn disabled is pushing me to continue my education and to learn how I can help myself, and someone else. I can help this person because of being a social work major, how significant it is to value the person and serve them…show more content…
I already took Spanish years ago and honestly, nothing really stuck to me enough to have a conversation with a person. Due to social work being a demanding field, we can’t turn people down for services. Regardless if they speak another language it is our mission to serve them and help them with whatever they’re looking for. I can further assist myself by touching up on my knowledge about different cultures and see how I can be purposeful for they can feel comfortable when coming for help. By doing this, I can look back on this class and determine what I read and learned how someone wants to be treated during a counseling session for I can support their decisions. Because this develops my cultural identity I can’t fully say what I can do, because I won’t know until that very moment in time. Since, I know all I could be capable of doing is looking for someone to help their needs until then. Overall, this plays a huge part on my career and identity because I want to gain experience of helping others and feel helpful. And not feel I couldn’t do my job if I can’t give assistance to
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