My Initial Expectation Paper

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My initial expectation of this class was that I would learn how to sing. It was my belief that learning how to sing well can prepare me for the various aspects of performing on stage before a large audience. In addition, many people to see and admire the vocal and physical aspect of my performance. This class has by far met all my expectations by even though I do not sound like a famous RnB singer this class has truly helped me. I feel a lot more confident in my voice granted that I use to think that my voice was one of the most terrible things that I’ve ever had the unfortunate pleasure of hearing.
Some challenges that I had to face along the way in the process of developing my musical theatre voice was getting the right pitch and articulation for the song
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I was worried about how the class heard my vocals and my delivery. I am not terrible, but it is something that I have always struggled with. However, I have realized that when I started doing the vocal warm ups more often my pitch got better. As my pitch developed I started to learn how to access my diaphragm. The vocal warm ups have been helping me work on my weaknesses. I have also learned that breathing is one of the most valuable things that I can do to help develop my voice to the place where I want it to be.
The most enjoyable song for me was the song that I chose as my audition song “Favorite Places.” It was one of my favorite songs to do because it fitted with my voice. It was a song that I felt comfortable with and it spoke to me. The story of a man who has aspirations to be in places that he has always dreamed of but does not know how to get there or even get what he want no matter how bad he may want it. In addition, things are not working in his favor so he fantasies about how wonderful it would be to be there and not where he is
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