My Initial Interest Of Special Education

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My initial interest in special education seamlessly developed from a strong desire to serve my community, evolving through my work as a Behavior Interventionist. I recall my first session with a six-year-old boy diagnosed with classical autism. Developmentally, there was an impairment in social interaction, and profound lack of spoken language attempting communicate through gestures. As my first student, he definitely brought new challenges, but the momentum he was gaining through our services was completely fascinating. Our commitment to continually build upon new skills vitalized my purpose to serve this community through Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with unrelenting zeal. By the end of our first year together, my student was…show more content…
I learned to not just lean on my own understanding, but rather accept support and be patient in affliction. Just as someone used their gifts to serve me during my hardships, I responded with fervor to do the same, leading me to serving others through ABA. At this point, I felt that it was more important to first gain fundamental experience by focusing on teaching methodologies in order to be successful in the MSED in Special Education. In the past year and a half, I have worked with numerous children on the autism spectrum, varying in symptoms and levels of impairment; however, the majority of methods I utilize are primarily for students with mild-moderate autism. A large percentage of my students participate in small group sessions, which emphasize the development of social-emotional & behavioral growth, to introduce appropriate behavior in natural social situations. My youngest client, 3, up to my adult client, 25, participate in a weekly group session tailored to his/her age, needs, and developmental levels to effectively provide the tools to meet such unique needs. By participating in a small group session, I am able to analyze the differences and similarities of children with exceptionality, then utilize the data collected to assist developing individualized intervention strategies. By focusing on building background knowledge in this field, I bridged a relationship between experience and fundamental framework of
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