My Insanity: A Short Story

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You bring sanity to my insanity with the paradox of both being equally insane, ironic if you ask me. You talk about me making the blood vessels in your cheeks work again, but my imaginative mind can just picture the engine of an old car starting again or a brand new 1956 Cherry Bel Air, start for the first time ever. But you, you've made something incredible, so incredible, as astonishing as the first step of human kind on the moon; you set foot in my heart.
Step that activated my heart again, breaking away the stone-cold layers. Almost like chains, set by him to protect itself for maybe the eternity or maybe it was just there waiting for you.
Do you hear that? It's the sound of a hurt heart breaking away, afraid of what has awakened him, afraid of what maybe can be a beautiful mistake or a deadly mischief, beating away in panic, not knowing what's happening. What is this force dragging him away out of his shell? Just when it thought that there was no hope for his careless but sensitive self. But this is the treacherous path for one to become confident and achieve whatever or whoever it is that you desire; path the heart has taken.
But by know he's set free, he's not afraid anymore. He has realized that he's not
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Its cover so beautiful you may be fooled by, making you think it is just a regular book, but it is all the details hidden in the pages as if steganography was a natural trait of hers. Although, these hidden details might be ripped or wrinkled pages with painful details that she herself will only let a few read, these pages contain the secret to her maturity even though these are not as colorful details as the other pages on her book. To me these painful passages in her book are what make everything about her so beautiful, because I understand now, that when she says something it is deeply coming from her heart and her soul, almost as if we both were awakening out of the same shell but put there for different
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