My Interest For Building Model Kits

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My interest for building model kits has lasted for 15 years, yet I can still remember the moment I built my first one like it was yesterday. I had just bought my first model kit and opened the box. My hands trembled as I placed each plastic piece together while reading the instructions. However, slowly my hands stopped shaking and my movements became more fluid as my mind steered into a clear and focused state. I stop feeling nervous and am soon overtaken by a calm joy as I work with my hands to create. Little, did I know this hobby would later become the spark that would ignite my passion for Dentistry. My grandparents raised me most of my life and taught me the value of humility. They told me stories of when they were in Pakistan and how there was a lack of education and healthcare opportunities. As I grew older, I developed a feeling not of guilt, but of responsibility to take advantage of my education. In high school, I began developing an interest in the healthcare field as it was a means to directly help people and utilize my critical thinking skills. I started to shadow medical doctors, pharmacists, optometrists, and finally dentists. It was then I met Dr. Kan, an individual who had a passion and desire to help people. She explained everything thoroughly and I found the procedures exciting, the type of patient interaction engaging, and the prospects of the field captivating. She showed me how to fulcrum and how she moved her hands in a way in order to reach the…

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