My Interest For Serving On The Council

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The ISBE Student Advisory Council is a direct and effective way of connecting and improving our Illinois school systems. My interest for serving on the council comes from my educational experience as well as my involvement in other activities in and out of school. As a result of the year-long project that the Council completed last year, many school systems have been impacted positively. I hope to see these results spread to my school district, if given the opportunity to serve on the council. In addition to the changes already made, I would try to improve our districts even further by helping increase communication and quality in education. This would ideally be achieved by representing all the students, not just the majority. I also look forward to learning from the other council members, and sharing opinions, if given the chance to serve. My involvement in activities in and out of school has let me experience leadership positions, and view problems of the school system. I am a part of Future Business Leaders of America as well as Carterville’s Student Leadership Council. I am also section leader of my marching band’s front ensemble. My experience with these activities has contributed to my interest of leadership positions and helping make a difference. The ISBE SAC would be a valuable resource to help me develop my leadership skills even further. I would be able to take more direct action on educational issues that I see. I like being able to express my opinion and
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