My Interest In Literature

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Throughout my many years in school, my interest and views on literature have continuously changed . In the early stages of my life, before I even entered the education system, reading was an activity that I truly enjoyed during my pastime. My interest in reading began with glamorous picture books with colorful illustrations as early as the age of four. My reading preference, of course, developed as I evolved into an older human being who knew how to prevent paper cuts and actually understood the meaning behind words. During grade school, I would entertain myself by reading short novels, including books from the widely popular Magic Tree House series and several novels written by the universally adored Roald Dahl, including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach. My time in elementary school was the peak of my love for reading. That strong compassion for literature abruptly came to an end by the time I entered junior-high. I would no longer read books as a primary option to fulfill my boredom, as watching television and playing video games were immensely more enticing to my teenage mind. From then on, reading has felt more like English homework than anything.
Not to be mistaken, it isn’t that I despise the thought of flipping through pages or that reading bored me, but I became completely sold on the magic of stories unfold on a screen with phenomenal scenery and special-effects. My lost interest in reading was also possibly because of my lack of
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