My Interest In Physical Science At Blackfoot High School

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Today I will be writing about how my interest in the general branch of studies known as science grew in my time at Blackfoot high school. I started getting interested in science from a young age when i would listen to my brother tell my mom and dad about what he had learned in chemistry that day. I was fascinated by the fact that there was a way to explain everything that has happened or will happen in the universe can be explained. I was fascinated to learn that such phenomena as the sun and explosions can be broken down into a small mathematical formula explaining all that happens in that split second. So, that started what would become my passion.
It all started in freshman year, when i was really excited to take one specific class. It was the class of physical science part a and b. My brother had told me about how he had loved physical sciences and how it was the stepping stone to all of the rest of the sciences. He had told me to pay close attention in class so that later i could have the knowledge to know what the teacher was talking about in classes such as physics and chemistry. I was ecstatic to be able to start learning and the class was everything that i had hoped it would be.
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Cashmore and it was split into physical science a in my first trimester while physical science b was in my third trimester. In the first part of physical science we talked about force, motion, acceleration, and velocity. In part B we got further into the forces by talking about gravity, magnetism, and even geology. I put a name to this science as the science of how. It was the science that dealt with all non-living things. This is the beginner science, it is the most basic watered down version of more sciences. This was the stepping stone to all of the rest of the science like my brother had
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