My Interest In The Fashion Industry

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In the recent years, the fashion industry has been constantly changing its style and because of this, it has drawn me in strongly into the industry. Having an interest in the fashion industry can mean many things. For starters, it can mean just having an eye on the stylish, luxury items, but for others, it could mean to collect the most stylish, rare, and luxurious items. The fashion industry consists of three categories: apparel; footwear; and accessories. For me, I am drawn greatly by the footwear and accessories side of fashion. This interest cum hobby first came to me in early 2016 when a close friend of mine wore an iconic Comme des Garçons heart graphic tee, Y-3 sweatpants and a pair of Adidas NMDs. It was the first time I’ve ever seen and heard of such brands and it led me to discover the vast majority of brands in the streetwear fashion industry. From there, I discovered about the current icons of Supreme, Off-White, Air Jordans, and many more. After much research and savings, I bought my first pair of Air Jordans, it was nicknamed ‘AJ1 Bronze Medal’, and it became my favorite shoe ever since. Initially, I did not have plans to purchase more of these products as the thought of just having to spend so much money on such things was just preposterous. However, it came to my attention that these things were not just wearables, instead, they were also an investment. Apparently, the resale market for Supreme apparels was a “big deal” in Asia and in Europe where people
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