My Interest Of Computer Science

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My interest in Computer Science started at a young age, when I started taking lessons in BASIC in school. As I continued my education in computer science with COBOL, C, C++ and SQL, this interest grew into complete absorption with the subject throughout my school years. When the time came for me to choose a major for my undergraduate studies, I confidently opted for Computer Science which was a full-fledged passion of mine by then. During my Bachelor’s, I enjoyed the curriculum immensely, and several of the subjects I was taught like Data Structures in which Linked List, which is a dynamic structure whose length can be increased or decreased at runtime, was my favourite topic. Java Programming won me over when I had to do a custom FTP server 8 years ago where the file transfer was controlled by the server instead of being controlled by client, Database Management System taught me about normalization of database a topic I enjoyed as it is the foundation of every database and without which the task become arduous and can lead to data loss. Object Oriented Systems concepts like polymorphism, inheritance, encapsulation and abstraction were fascinating. Finally, while studying Operating Systems I understood the importance of operating systems like Unix and Linux in today 's competitive world. In order to gain thorough knowledge of my studies, I undertook several projects during my undergraduate studies to enhance the theoretical concepts taught in class. Library Management
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