My Interest Of Law Is Most Commonly Seen From Old And Modern Day Television

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"Law is most commonly seen in old and modern day tv shows with criminal being thrown behind bars or perhaps in the news with the difficult legal system that no one adheres to anymore,," said lawyer John Adkins in an interview. My interest in law began when I was a young girl. I would check out books whose subjects ranged from law in general to actual criminal cases both solved and unsolved. My mind would drink in all the details from the evidence, to the trial, and finally to the conviction of the accused. One day, I was allowed to check out a DVD of a solved case in which the defendant was found not guilty of the sudden and mysterious death of his wife. I was intrigued by hearing and arguments of both sides. Convinced of the mans guilt, I set out on my own little investigation which yielded little more than the awakening of my interest then and there. Unable to disguise my growing interest, I told my mom of my dream to become a lawyer. She advised me to carefully think of all the schooling required to achieve such a career. Past studies indicate the bare minimum requirements include a high school diploma, any or all classes involving government, social studies, and economics, speech courses, technology or computer classes. After high school, four years of basic college work is required. College classes would have to cover: liberal arts track, english, history, economics, social studies, logic, public speaking, as well as agriculture and political science. Law school
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