My Interest On Computer Science Essay

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Google Essay What sparked your interest in computer science? How did this lead you to major in computer science and what do you hope to accomplish with your degree? In your answer, please describe how your experiences have influenced the goals you have for yourself. Every human has a purpose and every purpose has an ordained path and beginning. My interest in computer science came to light as soon as I began to walk, talk and think independently. I always had the innate passion and desire to scrutinize electronic devices even though I was still a child with little understanding. Being a little kid, my access to computers were constrained, but nonetheless, I made the best out of every opportunity I had with them. Time flew by like a dove as I suddenly began to grow in wisdom, and also began to understand what life is all about. Immediately I graduated from high school, I applied for a 3-month full-time computer training before making any preparation for college. Unbeknownst to me, I was actually on a direct path to discovering my true potential in computer science and engineering. Financially and physically, it was a burden commuting from my home down to the computer training center, but the intrinsic passion and desire to get my hands on electronic devices and to learn more about how computers really work made me overlook the struggle. I did not think twice while applying for Computer Engineering in the university, as I already had a clear glimpse of my future

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